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Senior Health – Healthy Living Can Slow Cellular Signs of Aging

The goal of healthy living is what many Americans strive for, but only some can maintain. Without good health, we can never accomplish our aspirations in life. Once we become seniors, staying healthy is more about having a great physique. Instead, it’s about adding some extra years to our lives.

According to a July 29th report in Molecular Psychology, a group of post-menopausal women were tested to see if healthier living produced less stress. The yearlong study consistently showed that when these women exercised, ate healthier foods and got enough sleep, they had lower levels of stress.

6 Tips on Healthy Living for Seniors

Here are 6 things that seniors need to promote healthy living:

Water – Nothing is important as water when it comes to staying alive. Seniors and other humans cannot live without water. Water is part of our blood and cell makeup. It helps us stay alert and allows our brain to function on full capacity. Seniors need to drink each day to maintain good health.

Regular Exercise – It’s often been said that without exercise, every diet in the world will fail. Seniors need to burn more calories in their bodies each day to keep from gaining unnecessary weight and to stay healthy. Exercise also keeps seniors muscles and bones strong and allows them to lift objects easier. Strong muscles are also what seniors need to keep their balance and to prevent falls.

In addition, it strengthens their cardiovascular and immune systems and prevents diabetes and stress.

Diet – A healthy diet helps seniors maintain better health. They should eat multiple servings of fruit and veggies each day. When possible, seniors should eat those vegetables raw to get as many nutrients as they can. Seniors should also consume low-fat dairy products to help keep their bones strong.

Get Enough Quality Sleep – Seniors need to replenish their energy every day with a good night’s sleep. In addition, our digestive, cardiovascular, nervous, and immune systems depend on sleep to remain strong and healthy. People who are deprived of sleep face higher risks of heart attacks.

Sunlight and Fresh Air – Sunlight enhances vitamin D, which is essential for fortifying seniors strong bones. Light is also known to influence the mood in everyone. It can reduce stress and alter seniors’ moods. It is just another reason why you don’t want to keep the elderly cooped up inside of a dark room all day watching television.

Reduce Stress – Stress weakens seniors’ immune systems and can cause high blood pressure and possible strokes and heart disease.
Seniors can try different forms of exercise, such as yoga and tai chi to help. Or, they could listen to some soft music, or some might find comfort in prayer.

Doing Your Part to Help Ensure Healthy Living with Seniors

It seems that what we have heard most of our lives is true. The key to healthy living is to eat healthy, exercise regularly, and get enough sleep. This is an excellent way to help extend the lives of our elderly loved ones, and it is a way to have a better quality of life.

You can help become the main line of defense between your loved one staying healthy or getting ill. Follow some of the suggestions in this article to supercharge your elderly loved one’s body and keep them as healthy as you can for many years to come.

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