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Person Centered Care – A Perfect Way to Treat Alzheimer’s and Other Dementia


Person Centered Care – A Perfect Way to Treat Alzheimer’s and Other Dementia


Person-centered care is a system and philosophy that looks at each individual and helps caregivers to come up with a better way to treat Alzheimer’s and dementia patients. The simple reasoning is that everyone, including the elderly, deserve dignity and the utmost respect.

Probably one of the biggest problems with various forms of dementia is communication. Seniors with these symptoms find it hard to express themselves. Since we cannot look inside a person’s brain and understand what they are thinking, we have to assume that they understand everything about their surroundings, but cannot tell us that. So, it’s necessary that caregivers forget about their preconceived stereotypes, and see each patient as unique.

Person-centered care establishes a way for dementia sufferers to become active players with their health care. This continues through each stage of their disease and treatment, and this includes an intricate and necessary part from their families and other medical caregivers. This makes everyone an equal partner in their care, and helps secure better quality of life for the patient.

The Main Philosophy behind Person Centered Care

Respect and Dignity – When somebody has Alzheimer’s or some other type of dementia, the entire problem and solutions should be about them. Caretakers must do everything physically possible to accommodate them and their desires. This principle thought should be about how to best handle their treatment, and their caregivers needs to appreciate their culture, religious beliefs, and likes and dislikes.

Collaboration – Everyone needs to work together for the common good of the patient. This way, everyone becomes an important part of the care process. Whether it is a friend, who might only come in a few times a month, to a family member who is legally and morally responsible for their health.

Total Participation – Since it is all about the patient, the patient and family members should be involved in the process of making decisions, as long as it doesn’t interfere with sound medical judgment. This allows everyone to play a role in the comfort and care process.

Sharing the Facts – There should be a way for caregivers and families to share important medical conditions and other information. It’s not possible for family members to join in discussions or help make decisions if they don’t know what is happening with their loved one.

Choosing a person-centered care approach allows the family to participate in basic care, such as everyday physical and emotional support. It also allows them to be part of the palliative process, too. There can be no better way for an elderly person to finish their life than to be surrounded by loving and caring people, and most of all, those with familiar faces.

The importance of family members cannot be overemphasized when it comes to person-centered care. They are responsible for locating assisted living facilities that adhere to this practice, as well as locating a doctor who holds similar beliefs. Quality care and quality of life should be at the top of your list. Your loved one will respect you for it, and hopefully, you will have a family member who cares enough about you to do the same one day.



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