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Living in Place


Living in Place at Applewood Our House


Living in place at Applewood Our House is about seniors remaining in one location and having a familiar atmosphere that our residents can call home.

We build Applewood Our House facilities like homes that are recognizable by many of our residents. The familiar atmosphere, close-knit group of residents and our highly experienced team make it feel like home for everyone.

Families appreciate our round-the-clock care. When their elderly loved ones are at home, they are always worried about them falling, causing a fire, wandering, or having other emergency issues when there is no one there to respond.

Seniors spend a lot of time alone in their homes. At Applewood Our House, there is always companionship and activities to keep our residents active. Of course, whenever our residents want private time, we provide that, as well.

We have pet-friendly facilities, so it’s also possible for your loved one to bring their beloved pet with them. Our pet program is another way to help our residents feel at home.


Hospice Care at Applewood Our House


A hospice is not a place, but an approach to care for the elderly with a terminal illness. Hospice treats the whole person, and does not search for a cure. The focus is on decreasing pain while increasing quality of life.

Applewood Our House understands that a medical prognosis is not an exact science. Therefore, our hospice care services may be extended as needed. Some of the services provided include assistance with daily living needs, pain management, and spiritual counseling.

Hospice care does not hasten or slow death but helps seniors experience a higher quality of life during the time seniors have left. The hospice care at Applewood Our House allows seniors to live their last days with comfort and dignity. For many, this holistic approach provides a more suitable option than remaining at a traditional hospital.


   I am very pleased with the kindness and patience of the staff.”

Applewood Our House has four residential assisted living homes for those with memory care needs.

Applewood Our House has a Better Business Bureau A+ Rating.

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