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What You Should Know About Senior Health


Senior Wellness Guide


Senior HealthAs we age, we have a tendency to place health and fitness on the back burner. We know we should stay healthy, begin living a sedentary lifestyle. Weak bones and muscles no longer stabilize our bodies, and our internal organs stop functioning properly.

Health means wealth, and older we get, our health is worth more than gold. There are multiple ways for seniors to enjoy optimal mental and physical health.

The Senior Wellness Guide educates seniors and their loved ones on health concerns and healthy aging on topics such as Alzheimer’s, care-giving, nutrition, elder abuse, drug complications and more:

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Couch Potatoes


Too Much Sitting Kills

Did you know that regular exercise can reduce the damage of years of being a couch potato?

Most of our days involve sitting for the majority of the day. we sit when we eat, drive to work, in our office, and then we come back home and sprawl out on the sofa, or spend hours on the Internet chatting with friends.

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