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Yoga for Seniors – A Perfect Way to Exercise the Mind and Body


Yoga for SeniorsYoga for seniors is an excellent method to relieve stress, stay flexible, and remain healthy. In this article, we are going to help seniors to get a better understanding of the benefits of yoga exercise.

Seniors have become the fastest growing group in the United States. With more people living to advanced ages, problems of chronic illnesses, movement, and mobility begin to become a problem. Yoga is one way to combat the collective effect of aging bodies.


What is Yoga for Seniors?


In ancient Indian Sanskrit, the word yoga means to unite or join. When you practice yoga, the apparent union comes from your mind, body and your spirit. Yoga is part meditation and part stretching exercise.

It originated over 3,000 years ago in India, and it can help seniors reach their fullest potential in happiness and health. It’s one of the better activities for seniors because it’s possible to start out slowly and perform simple stretching and breathing exercises that don’t put much pressure on the joints, and don’t require too much energy.

Many community centers across the United States offer yoga for seniors’ classes. Numerous adult living facilities teach courses for free to their residents.

There are many health benefits involved in yoga for seniors. Just staying active and keeping the body in motion is exceptional for any senior.  Here are few of the known benefits:

*  Increases Flexibility – Many seniors become less flexible as they get older. Practicing yoga can increases the amount of flexibility that seniors have.

*  Builds Strength – Many of the yoga poses can give your muscles a workout, and the more flexible you become, the more advanced exercises you can learn, and many of these will strengthen your muscles more.

Yoga Helps Posture in Seniors*  Better Posture – Yoga for seniors, helps you develop a better posture. With continued practice, it can help keep your vertebrae aligned, and keep your back muscles firm, which improves your posture.

*  Helps Your Internal Organs – Yoga for seniors can increase your blood circulation and help with your pulmonary and cardio systems. Also, practicing yoga can have a positive effect on your digestive system, and help you eliminate waste and toxins much easier.

*  Reduces Stress – By using breathing exercises and practicing poses; yoga for seniors can help reduce stress. This can help lower blood pressure for those seniors, who might have hypertension. All of us need help reducing stress in our lives, and this is an excellent form of exercise to produce these effects.

*  Great Way to Socialize – Yoga for seniors doesn’t just help your body, but it’s great for your mind, too. In addition to the benefits while practicing the techniques, you also get a chance to socialize and meet other people every time you practice. This keeps your mind active and healthy.


Yoga for Seniors Tips


Here are some quick checklist tips to help keep your yoga for seniors practice safe and fulfilling:

*  Equipment – Make sure you have some loose fitting clothes to practice. Use colors such as white or grey, as they won’t distract others in your class. You should also purchase a small yoga mat to practice on if the facility doesn’t provide one.

*  Practice Slowly in the Beginning – To avoid injury and burning yourself out, practice your movements slowly and not too forcefully in the beginning. As you get better at it, you can increase the range of motion and the force you put into it.*

Yoga requires perfect technique*  The Technique is Important – You will need an experienced yoga instructor to teach you the correct techniques in the beginning. The way you perform your routines is more important than how much you complete them. You will get better health benefits from doing the techniques correctly, and you will avoid injuries.

*  Books, Audio, and Video – There are numerous books, audio, and video that you can later purchase that can supplement what you are learning in your class. Many of these can help you better relax, and some can give you insight on other exercises that you can do to increase your knowledge of yoga.

*  See a Doctor before You Start – Like any exercise, you should speak with your doctor to make sure you are healthy enough to participate. Yoga for seniors is not that strenuous, but if you have any pre-existing illnesses or other disabilities, it might affect your participation.


Yoga for Seniors – Conclusion


Yoga for seniors is another one of the excellent activities for seniors and a way to get in shape and stay active in your community. The best way to live longer is to keep healthy, and if you keep moving your body, you are likely to be a lot healthier than if you sit all day doing nothing.


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  1. I’ve always thought that yoga is the perfect exercise for seniors because it can be modified based on the patient’s abilities. For example, if they have arthritic ankles or knees, the movements can be modified to be done while sitting in a chair. Many seniors have hip problems as well and the gentle stretch that positions like the cow pose or the chair pose offer can be helpful too. Physical therapists in my area are starting to recommend yoga for seniors and I think it’s a great idea!

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