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Important Travel Tips for Seniors – Practical Advice for an Amazing Trip


Here are some travel tips for seniors in 2017.


As cold weather spreads throughout the country, people are settling into winter. There will be those who take time to enjoy sledding, skiing, or just building an occasional snowman. Others might be browsing tour companies on the Internet, looking for a warm place to go.


If you counted down the years to retirement so that you could travel around and see the world, chances are that you’re excited to finally be heading off on an adventure. Many seniors enjoy traveling both domestically and internationally. After all, what better way to continue learning, meeting new people, and experiencing new things than through a trip?


Unfortunately, some seniors forget that planning and staying safe are an important part of traveling. Learn how you can have an exciting, but safe journey with these simple tips.


Plan Ahead of Time – If you’re taking a bus tour or you’re going on a cruise, you’ll have the opportunity to take several excursions. Instead of grabbing tickets at the last minute, make sure that you properly plan out which excursions you’ll partake in. Planning ahead will enable you to make sure that you’re wearing the right kind of gear and that your friends and family members know where you’ll be and when.


Have an Emergency Contact – While it might seem like common sense, some seniors forget to designate an emergency contact back home. Choose someone that you trust, such as a friend or family member, who is willing to be your contact should you find yourself in an emergency situation. Not only should you have their contact information, but they should know where you’re going to be at all times.


Do Many Seniors Travel?


People of all ages like to travel. In Europe, many seniors make trips each year. Some travel with their children, some go in groups, and there are even those who like to go alone. In the United States, many people dream of the time they retire, because they want to travel more. So, there’s really nothing stopping you from visiting just about any place you want.


This elderly Seattle couple sold their boat, home, and other personal belongings to travel the world. They’ve been on the road for the last three years.



Here is another couple who are using their Social Security benefits to travel the world. How fun is that?


Couple uses Social Security Benefits to Travel

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Aren’t Hotels Expensive If You Travel Extensively


For those who want to become permanent travelers or travel extensively for a year or two, you will likely have to find accommodations that fit your budget. The longer you stay in one location, the cheaper it will be.


If you’re not in a hurry, try renting a cheap apartment in a major hub that is fairly close to other places you want to visit. That way, you can always take day or weekend trips, and always have a place to go back to once the trip is over.


Another option is stay at hostels, which are very cheap accommodations that can range from smaller style hotels to extra rooms in someone’s home. Those are my favorite places, because you have closer contact with local people and can experience the country from a locals point of view. If you stay in a big hotel, you hardly ever meet anyone but other tourists.


Seniors Can Travel and Stay in Hostels

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Travel Tips for Seniors – Some Other Helpful Suggestions


Wear Comfortable Shoes – While you might be tempted to dress up as much as possible, keep in mind that comfortable shoes are important. If you’re going to do a lot of walking, comfy shoes are even more vital. Dress shoes can cause blisters and pain. Unfortunately, this can lead to trips and falls at the most inconvenient times. You’re going on a trip to have a good time. Wearing the right shoes will ensure that you’re out having fun and not stuck in the hospital.


Take it Easy While Traveling – Did you know that traveling can be exhausting? Don’t let fatigue wear you down. Exhaustion can lead to medical problems, including dehydration and illness. If you start to feel overwhelmed or tired on your trip, you need to take a break. Find spots where you can sit and rest or return to your hotel room for a brief nap. Never be embarrassed about taking a little break from your day. Remember that it’s important to return home safely and that can’t happen if you’re sick.


Final Thoughts on Important Travel Tips for Seniors


You’ve all heard the expression that “you only go around once in life.” However, there is no limit to the number of times you can go around the world visiting and living in wonderful places. If you are still physically able to do it, get out there and see the world.


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