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6 Caregiving Tips When Traveling with the Elderly – How to Make Their Trip Safe and Enjoyable

Traveling with the elderly requires special medical needs and some extra planning to make the time safe. If you leave unprepared, you might spend the majority of your time feeling stressed and rushed from one place to another. If you follow some of the tips in this article, your trip should be more enjoyable, and you should be able to relax more during your time away from home.

6 Caregiving Tips When Traveling with the Elderly

1 Don’t Leave Seniors Unattended in Cars – You should never leave a senior unattended in a hot car. When you are driving on a hot day, it’s sometimes difficult to understand how hot it is because you have the windows down or you have the air conditioner on. However, once your car is parked, the sun starts really having an effect on the roof. The temperatures can rise rapidly and put your elderly loved one in danger of exposure.

2 Discuss the Trip with Your Loved Elderly Loved One – Seniors like to be assured of what is going on, and traveling is not the time for unnecessary surprises. There will be a lot to see and do, so discuss what you are going to be doing for the day and ask if it sounds agreeable to them. Maybe it could be too strenuous for them to do a lot of walking, sitting, or another reason.

3 Find a Travel Companion – A travel companion is an excellent way for the elderly to find someone who wants to experience travel with them. It might be another senior, or it might be another close friend or family member. This is especially a great idea for a senior who is traveling solo. It can make the trip more enjoyable, and they won’t feel lonely during the trip.

4 Bring Prescriptions and Medications – Seniors need to take medicine that is prescribed to them by a doctor. This will help keep them healthy while they are gone. However, it is also necessary to bring their doctor’s prescriptions, too. Explain to their doctor that you want to travel and to please write enough prescriptions to cover your time away, and in case you lose any medicine and need more. Without those prescriptions, you will be required to see another doctor to get more medication and that could be expensive. Also, if you take medicine to some foreign countries, Customs might confiscate the medicine before they allow you in their country if you donít have your prescription.

5 Dress Them Properly – Temperatures will probably change while you are traveling. Even if it is extremely hot or cold outside, the temperature will be adjusted once you are inside the hotel, restaurant, homes, or other businesses. Seniors are sometimes too hot or too cold. So, you should pack sufficient clothing to add or remove.

6 Handicapped Support – You should plan ahead to see if the places you are going have proper handicapped support if it is necessary for your loved one. This could make your trip more enjoyable, and you will have easier access to parking spaces, ramps, and other services.

Traveling with the Elderly – Conclusion

Traveling with the Elderly is enjoyable and it can be safe if you plan properly in advance. If you take a little extra time to plan now, think about how much fun everyone can have later.

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