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6 Ways to Celebrate Life as a Caregiver in Your Senior Years


Being a caregiver for the elderly is tough. It can take a physical and mental toll on your body. How much tougher is it when caregivers are in their senior years?
If you’ve reached retirement age, you probably want to enjoy some well-earned leisure time. But you may find the days passing too swiftly if you are caring for a senior loved one. You can’t slow them down, of course, but you can make each one more unique by taking a more focused approach. Try these six tips below, and feel time slow down as you absorb some of the riches of life.


Make time for you and your interests

1. Make Time for Your Interests

Precious hours can drain away during the difficult tasks of care giving if you let them, so schedule your favorite pastimes into your daily timetable to make sure they happen. Let the housework wait and put the backyard chores on hold; living life to the full is more important. To accomplish this, you can hire a temporary home caregiver to watch your loved one for a few hours. If you need a half day or more, you can also try senior day care as another option.



Do a Good Deed

2. Do a Good Deed

As you get older, you might notice that people want to assist you more than when you were a younger adult. That can be pleasing, but you’ll find even more pleasure in helping someone yourself; after all, you have valuable experience and maturity to offer. Decide whether a friend or neighbor could do with your support, advice or company, then get in touch to provide whatever may be needed. They’ll be thankful, and you’ll feel the deep joy of being able to help.

You might ask yourself why you would want to do more if you are already caring for someone? Change is good in your daily schedule. Also, the ability to get out and speak to other people is therapeutic.



Appreciate Good Things That Have Happened

3. Appreciate Good Things That Have Happened

Everyone has something good to look back on, even if it’s just a delicious meal or a beautiful scene. Chances are you have some happy times and hilarious moments to revisit, and at least a few magic moments to rejoice in. Sometimes the greatest happiness comes from thinking about good times enjoyed by others, such as your children or siblings. Enrich each day by dwelling on one glowing memory.



Keep in Touch with Friends

4. Keep in Touch with Friends

Thanks to the Internet, it’s easy to remain in touch with friends, wherever they are. Look up your old friends you grew up with, or your college friends. You can Skype a friend on the other side of the world. Reach out to relatives you haven’t seen for years and try to organize a family reunion. Seek out new friends in your neighborhood or interest group and socialize more often. Strong friendships add warmth and depth during your later years.



Use Your Senses to the Fullest

5.  Use Your Senses to the Fullest

During your childhood, every experience was new and vivid, making life exciting. You can relive some of that excitement now by taking a fresh look at life, as if with a child’s eyes. Stop to gaze at the pure, blue sky; pause to catch a songbird’s tune; bend down to breathe in the scent of a flower as you pass. Then, when you sit down to dinner, savor the flavors of your favorite drinks and dishes, rather than gulping them down. Take each day like a box of delights.



Celebrate Being You


6. Celebrate Being You

Look at yourself in the mirror and admire your uniqueness. Ignore the wrinkles and focus on the character traits; they tell the story of a person and their life. Be proud of that person and hold your head high as face another day.

Studies suggest that many of the elderly tend to be happier than younger adults. After all, it’s quite an accomplishment to reach retirement age. It’s another joy to have the opportunity to have a parent who is still alive. You are setting an example for your children and grandchildren, and you should feel incredibly proud of yourself.

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