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Possible Alzheimer’s Drug in the U.K.

  Scientists and other researchers believe that an Alzheimer’s Drug is just around the corner. After many years of facing the unknown, there could be some light at the end of the tunnel for Alzheimer’s sufferers. Alzheimer’s Wonder Drug Can Stop Disease in Its Tracks, Say Scientists

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Senior Health – Symptoms of Malaria in Seniors

You need to know the symptoms of malaria in seniors if you plan to travel with them to some destinations in the world. The reality is that seniors are not immune to malaria. They could visit one of these places, and get the disease, just like everyone

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7 Super Healthy Reasons to Drink Water

There are many reasons to drink water, and it is extremely essential for the elderly. Water is a vital ingredient in our daily lives. It is essential for human survival. It is also a critical component of our human body since it comprises approximately 60-70% of our

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Senior Health – Healthy Living Can Slow Cellular Signs of Aging

Senior Health – Healthy Living Can Slow Cellular Signs of Aging
The goal of healthy living is what many Americans strive for, but only some can maintain. Without good health, we can never accomplish our aspirations in life. Once we become seniors, staying healthy is more about having a great physique. Instead, it's about adding some extra yearsRead more

7 Ways to Turn Around Negative Thinking in the Elderly

  Negative thinking is the state of mind in which seniors anticipate undesirable outcomes, or believe that hardships and evils outweigh the good. This type of thinking is one that does not benefit them and usually has a negative impact on their lives contributing to stress, depression

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How to Die Well – 7 Real Life Tips to a Good Death

Knowing how to die well is a subject that is often brought up near the end of a seniors lives. We spend much time thinking and planning on how to live, but we often leave out another important part of life cycle. Dying.   7 Tips on

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