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Nutrition Tips for Seniors – Eating With Others Fights Dementia

It should be a daily goal to implement nutrition tips for seniors. However, when seniors live alone or if they are not closely monitored, they might be snacking too much, or eating the wrong foods. If you choose to eat as a family or group, it is

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Obesity and Overweight Seniors – Assisted Living Denver

Obesity and overweight seniors are not always associated with each other. However, as seniors age, they often develop multiple health complications. Obesity is preventable, and it is one less health complication that seniors should endure. When it comes to being overweight, many men and women do not understand the adverse

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Health Benefits of Eating Fish for Senior Living

There are multiple health benefits of eating fish for the elderly. You might already know that fish is great for your skin and hair, your heart, and other organs. Seniors are trying to live a healthier life, and this should begin with the foods they eat each day. Foods

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The Natural Healing Powers of Aloe Vera – A Safe Natural Supplement for Seniors

There are a large number of vitamins, herbs and other nutritional supplements out there that are effective and safe for seniors. One natural treatment that definitely passes the test is Aloe vera juice. The natural healing powers of Aloe Vera are well documented. As a matter of

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Free or Discounted Medical Services for Seniors

Free or discounted medical services for seniors can come in handy. It might be the difference between your elderly loved one getting help, or the possibility of not being able to afford the treatment that they need, The cost of medical bills and prescriptions skyrocket every year.

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Medication Management for the Elderly – 5 Sensible Tips to Stay Organized

Attention to detail is required when it comes to medication management for the elderly. As we age, it seems we have a lot of medicine to take. It may be medicine for a specific ailment or pills to keep our blood pressure in check. Whatever medicines you

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Seniors Staying Fit – How Exercising Keeps Seniors Looking and Feeling Young

Exercising in general, is one of the best activities for seniors. There are many exercises that can be done, at any ability level, and in this article, we will briefly discuss a few. In future articles, we will discuss specific activities that you can do for relaxation,

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Vegetarianism – How a Vegetarian Diet Can Fight Against Diabetes

Vegetarianism has become an increasingly popular lifestyle choice. Whether you don’t want to promote animal cruelty or simply don’t like meat, you may be thinking about going on a vegetarian diet. If you have diabetes, the good news is that vegetarian diets are actually highly recommended for

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Senior Health – Connection Between Senior Driving and Health

There seems to be a connection between senior driving and their overall health. We often wonder why elderly adults want to continue to drive. Younger adults always seem to worry about their older parents or grandparents driving. Once they are over 65, there seems to be a

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5 Simple Steps to How Seniors Can Boost Their Immune Systems

When seniors keep a strong immune system, it can successfully help them fight off disease-causing germs and keep their bodies healthy. Nearly anyone can boost the balance, harmony, and functioning of their immune system with sound lifestyle habits.   5 Simple Steps to How Seniors Can Boost

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