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Centenarian Scientist Tries to Tackle Alzheimer’s Disease

Professor Fred Kummerow has spent more than 60 years writing about the dangers of trans fat and its link with heart disease. He is positive that trans fat and bad diets lead to brain plaque that causes Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia. Professor Kummerow needs

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Grief and Depression in Elderly Adults – How to Handle Emotions When a Spouse is Gone

Grief and depression can be overwhelming for elderly adults. The mental pressure increases when it comes to the loss of a spouse. Aging is a natural part of life, and death is a natural part of aging. We all know the time will come when we pass

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10 Important Tips on How to Speak to Someone Who Has Dementia

You need to know how to speak to someone who has dementia. The average person probably doesn’t know that it is necessary to try and step into the world of a dementia sufferer. However, there is a strong likelihood that you will experience this at least one

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Lewy Body Dementia – Living With a Disease That is Difficult to Diagnose

Lewy Body dementia is a slow progressing neuro-degenerative disease. You probably didn’t know that Lewy Body Dementia represents 20% of all types of dementia, and is the second most common form of dementia after Alzheimer’s. The multi-system disease affects more than 1 million people in the U.S.

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Seniors Staying Fit – How Exercising Keeps Seniors Looking and Feeling Young

Exercising in general, is one of the best activities for seniors. There are many exercises that can be done, at any ability level, and in this article, we will briefly discuss a few. In future articles, we will discuss specific activities that you can do for relaxation,

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Dealing with Dementia – Tips for Sufferers, Caregivers, and Visitors

There is so much that goes into dealing with dementia in the elderly. It requires constant care and it can be overwhelming. There needs to be a team effort to to make the situation as bearable as possible. When someone has early stages of dementia, it’s a

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Palliative Care – What Really Matters at the End of Life

Palliative Care – What Really Matters at the End of Life

So much of our time on earth is focused on living a full successful life, and it should be. However, so little time is emphasized on honoring and cherishing our final days, weeks, and months here on this planet. It requires compassion and eliminating unnecessary suffering. Palliative

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Moving to Assisted Living – 10 Tips to Tackle Obstacles

Moving to assisted living facilities or nursing homes can be a challenging experience for most people. It can be especially tough on seniors, who have spent most of their life around familiar settings. However, moving to an assisted living facility can also become a rewarding experience for

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Learning from Your Parent’s Dementia

As we all know, dementia can be difficult to deal with for family members. It’s especially tough when it is your mother or father who has the illness. However, this is also a time for reflection on their lives and the relationships we have had with them.

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Aging in Place – Sensible Ways to Keep Seniors at Home Longer

Aging in Place   It should come as no surprise that aging in place would be more popular if seniors had the choice. Most family members agree that they would like to keep their loved ones at home for as long as possible. However, even in the

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