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Senior Health – Connection Between Senior Driving and Health

There seems to be a connection between senior driving and their overall health. We often wonder why elderly adults want to continue to drive. Younger adults always seem to worry about their older parents or grandparents driving. Once they are over 65, there seems to be a

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3 ways technology will improve elder care

  Take a minute to think about how technology has helped change the lives for the elderly. There are so many ways technology has impacted their lives.   Ways Technology Has Helped Change Seniors Lives   It Keeps Them Safe – Regardless if it is an alert

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Young Adults with Alzheimer’s are Assisting Scientists for Possible Cures

It is a little ironic that younger adults might hold the answers to a disease that affects the elderly. The fact is that Alzheimer’s disease can strike young adults, as well. This is especially the case with certain genes that can be passed along from an elderly

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Senior Health – Women’s Brains Appear More Vulnerable To Alzheimer’s Than Men’s

Researchers have known for quite some time that Alzheimer’s can have a different effect on men and women. However, further studies are showing how much faster women’s brains can deteriorate in certain conditions. There’s new evidence suggesting that women’s brains are especially vulnerable to Alzheimer’s disease and

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Respite Care – 5 Essential Ideas for Caregivers to Get Their Life Back

Respite care offers relief for the millions of people around the United States, who care for family members. When caring for Alzheimer’s sufferers or anyone else who has other forms of dementia, it is an enormous relief when caregivers get some free time for themselves. It’s estimated

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Understanding Lewy Body Dementia – Why It is Difficult to Diagnose

Lewy Body Dementia Lewy Body Dementia remains difficult to diagnose. Therefore, it is vital to have your senior loved one see a doctor whenever something doesn’t look or feel right. Jennings’ husband, Dean, died in 2010 after living with five years of Lewy body dementia, a disease

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Romeo Robot Is Destined to Help the Elderly

Robots are Possibly Coming to Assisted Living Remember the days when technology seemed confusing? How about when people were terrified of robots? Softbank, creator of the popular robot, Pepper, is developing a super robot, which can detect emotion, facial expressions, can detect if a person has fallen,

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Grief Counseling – How You Can Find the Peace You Need to Move Forward

Grief counseling can help you get your life back together after the loss of a senior loved one. Grieving is something that most everyone goes through during their lifetime. According to the CDC, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, there were 2,596,993 deaths in the United

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Assisted Living – Learn How More Seniors are Enjoying and Accepting Assisted Living Facilities

When someone mentions assisted living facilities, the first impression is a place where seniors are completely helpless and need round-the-clock surveillance and help. While there are some seniors who require more care than others, there are some seniors who enter an assisted living home out of convenience.

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Senior Health – Alzheimer’s Risk May be Predicted by Blood Protein

Predicting Alzheimer’s risk might be a little bit easier due to recent findings. Researchers have discovered a blood protein that could indicate the development of mild cognitive impairment – a condition associated with an increased risk of Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia – long before symptoms

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