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Predicting a Person’s Risk for Dementia – Is Dementia Risk Falling

Is Dementia risk falling?   A new computer-based test might be able to predict a person’s risk for dementia, just by analyzing the information family doctors gather during routine visits, a new study from Britain suggests. Researchers from University College London have developed an algorithm that uses

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Free or Discounted Medical Services for Seniors

Free or discounted medical services for seniors can come in handy. It might be the difference between your elderly loved one getting help, or the possibility of not being able to afford the treatment that they need, The cost of medical bills and prescriptions skyrocket every year.

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Assisted Living Facilities in Arvada CO – Memory Care for the Elderly

Assisted Living Facilities in Arvada CO Applewood Our House Assisted Living facility in Arvada, Colorado pays specific attention to those with Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia. Music therapy is a way to encourage seniors to listen to music that they truly enjoy. This helps us develop an innovative

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Best Dementia Care in Denver – Becoming a Caregiver – Dorothy’s 80th Birthday

The best dementia care in Denver, probably looks a lot like quality care given across the United States. It’s about individuals, small groups, or organizations providing caregivers who want to do their very best to help seniors in need.     Becoming a Caregiver   When you

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How to Treat Alzheimer’s Disease – Scientist Might Have Found Way to Halt Disease

The medical world continues to hunt for ways of how to treat Alzheimer’s disease. As it turns out, one way to tackle this might be to control something that happens in all of our bodies. Inflammation. It’s been nearly 10 years since any new dementia drug has

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Choosing Assisted Living In Lakewood CO – Applewood Our House Memory Care

Finding Assisted Living in Lakewood CO   While you may have a few options when it comes to assisted living in Lakewood CO, there are probably no facilities that compare to the comforting and relaxing atmosphere of Applewood Our House. Of course, you want the best care

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Assisted Living in Arvada CO – Excellent Quality Care for Seniors

We provide high quality assisted living in Arvada Co, Lakewood CO, and Golden CO. Does one of your loved ones suffer from Alzheimer’s or another condition that affects their memory, mood and ability to care for themselves? If so, you might need to find a facility that

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Medication Management for the Elderly – 5 Sensible Tips to Stay Organized

Attention to detail is required when it comes to medication management for the elderly. As we age, it seems we have a lot of medicine to take. It may be medicine for a specific ailment or pills to keep our blood pressure in check. Whatever medicines you

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Why Aging in Place is an Option for Seniors

The term aging in place has become a popular one in recent years. What exactly does it mean? It means that an elderly person can live independently for the longest amount of time. Many elderly people have a fear that at some point they will have to

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Cremation – How to Honor the Memories of Your Loved Ones in a Green Way

Cremation services are some of the largest ceremonies carried out after death around the world. In many Hindu cultures, entire villages show up for public cremation ceremonies in which the body is placed on heavily structured and decorated alters. A fire is ignited and the structure is

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Applewood Our House has four residential assisted living homes for those with memory care needs.

Applewood Our House has a Better Business Bureau A+ Rating.

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