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Meals for Seniors – How to Serve Delicious and Healthy Meals to Assisted Living Residents

There are many nutritious meals for seniors. The best way for them to receive them is to implement them every day.

One of the main reasons seniors move to assisted living facilities is because they can no longer prepare their own meals. After their health becomes frail, they will still need to be fed every day. The key to preparing meals for seniors in assisted living facilities or at home is patience and sensible meal planning.


Nutritious meals are a critical part in the life of every senior. Nutrition involves eating and drinking well every day to boost physical and mental fitness of the physical body and boost their overall health. Often, planning healthy meals can be difficult. To make them more nutritious, follow the suggestions in this article.



Nutritious Meals for Seniors in Assisted Living Programs



Senior citizens with Alzheimer’s or dementia require much patience when it comes to eating meals. If you are feeding a senior at home, you will need to know some facts about what they need. When seniors eat together with others, they enjoy their meals more, and they tend to eat better foods.


4 Sensible Tips on Meals for Seniors



Here are some important tips for nutritious meals for seniors who are living in assisted living facilities, or at home with their families:


• Prepare Healthy Meals – Take the time to prepare healthy, delicious, and fresh meals that are full of nutrition. There should be a strong emphasis on “Delicious” because seniors can be finicky eaters, and you also need to take into effect how good they can still swallow their food to avoid choking.


• Be Sensible – Although, you might not be able to afford a nutritionist, you should know that Americans eat far too many large portions of food. We also eat too much junk food. Give smaller portions to your loved one, and substitute junk foods for healthier ones when you can. Give a favorite snack now and then, and you can also take them to restaurants occasionally.


• Count Calories – Senior Alzheimer’s or dementia patients do not require calorie restricted diets. Yet, you should monitor and control excessive calories that they might be consuming each day. This will allow you to adjust certain dishes and make sure they are eating enough calories to stay healthy, but are not eating too many calories.


• Cut Out Processed and Packaged Foods – Processed and packaged meals are usually bad for anyone, including seniors in assisted living programs. These products are full of fat and sugar, and they contain preservatives. They are responsible for raising the blood pressure and closing the arteries. Try to keep most of these products away from seniors.



Nutritious Meals for Seniors – Conclusion



As mentioned at the beginning of this article, nutritious meals need to be a part of every senior’s life. Eating well will help keep your loved ones body in the best possible health. It can be challenging for seniors who are used to a certain eating pattern, but over time, you should be able to adjust meals to their liking.


For those considering an assisted living facility for their loved one, make sure double check that a facility has proper meal planning for its residents. It is also a good idea to have a talk with the nutritionist, or other person in charge of what the residents eat. If your loved one has any special eating needs, that should be brought up, as well.


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