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Technology for Seniors – How Simple Gadgets Can Improve Their Lives


The latest technology for seniors allows everything from monitoring your medical condition, to security, and leisure.

As technology advances, more products are developed to help seniors, too. High-tech gadgets and devices can be a great help not only to the kids of this generation, but to the elderly, too. It is amazing how seniors can easily adapt to newer technology once they give it a try.

In fact, with the help of these devices and gadgets, seniors tend to enjoy life better, and many of them are aging in place, and living longer lives in their own homes.


The Benefits of Technology for Seniors


Medical Alert Systems for Seniors – Medical alert systems for seniors allow many of them to live without a private nurse or personal caregiver at home, especially if they are still able to move around freely.

There are now devices that can help monitor the medical condition of seniors much better. These devices only require seniors to push a button when they are not feeling well, and they can speak directly to paramedics or doctors and nurses.

In addition, these devices monitor their blood pressure, pulse, and heart rate. The data is then usually sent via Bluetooth where doctors can monitor the information, and they can send an ambulance quickly if they notice anything wrong.

Protection and Security – Some seniors feel afraid to be left at home alone, which is why they should consider installing high-tech devices for security purposes.

Some of these devices are wireless alarm systems, surveillance cameras, and automated timers. Again, the important point is to allow law enforcement or family members to contact them if they notice something is not right.

Medical Purposes – Now they no longer have to employ a private nurse or personal caregiver at home, especially if they are still able to move around freely.


Technology for Seniors – Gadgets for Their Enjoyment


Smart Phones – Smart phones allow seniors to communicate easier with their families, and a smart phone also offers features that can be helpful to them, such as a GPS, text messaging, and quick one-button phone access to reach family members or emergency assistance.

E-Book Reader – E-book readers, such as Kindle, are especially good for seniors, who love to read. Seniors don’t need to travel to a bookstore to read the latest bestseller, or other books. Most eBook readers are very user-friendly which makes them suitable for the elderly.

Facebook Account – Another technology for seniors would be the invention of the internet and social networking sites. When seniors have computers, they can open a Facebook account and keep updated and well-informed on what is currently happening. It also helps them stay connected with people from any part of the world, and keeps their minds active.

Music Devices – The iPod, MP3 and MP4 devices and others are helping seniors recall some of their favorite songs. These devices also have a calming effect on the elderly. You can program these devices to only play types of music that they enjoy, which gives them more control.



Technology for Seniors – Conclusion


These are just a few of the high-tech devices that are available for seniors today. The nicest part about technology is that it is always evolving, so there are always nicer devices and gadgets coming out each year. They are becoming easier to use, and seniors can use them to their advantage.

To learn more about where to purchase devices for seniors and how to get them installed, you should contact some dealers. You can find many products offered on the Internet, and you can ask your family about what is available, too.

Contact us today and find out how we implement technology at Applewood Our House for our residents.




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