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Obesity and Overweight Seniors – Assisted Living Denver

Obesity and overweight seniors are not always associated with each other. However, as seniors age, they often develop multiple health complications. Obesity is preventable, and it is one less health complication that seniors should endure.

When it comes to being overweight, many men and women do not understand the adverse affects this can have on their overall health. Seniors health can be greatly impacted by obesity. These health effects which can actually be brought on by being overweight, could even lead to death in some instances.

All adults should understand that by simply shedding a few pounds, they can actually wind up reducing their risks for major health issues.


Major Health Issues of Obesity in Seniors


Strain on the Heart – Being overweight is likely to cause strain on a senior’s heart. Our hearts are responsible for keeping us alive, and if it is not functioning properly, seniors will not live as long. The more a senior’s heart has to work, the weaker it will end up getting over time.

Not to mention, various heart diseases can be linked to obesity. When seniors are overweight, their hearts have to work harder. This can lead to a heart attack.

It is easy to begin restricting the blood flow through the arteries. When this happens to the elderly, their arteries become clogged, and that makes it more difficult for their hearts to pump blood. This is obviously one of the reasons that our hearts need to work so much harder when we are not in shape.

Lack of Oxygen – Your elderly loved one may become winded very easily. When this happens, they might refuse to use the stairs, because they are not able to climb them without running out of breath. When they are not breathing the way they need to be, they’re restricting the quantity of oxygen that is circulating throughout their body. This can eventually cause asthma.

Pressure on the Joints – According to WebMD, doctors say that for every pound loss, it takes off four pounds pressure on the knees of people with osteoarthritis.


Obesity and Overweight Seniors – Conclusion


Obese seniors can also seek free counseling to help keep their weight under control. Weight management is important, and although some seniors may not lose extreme amounts of weight, they can lose enough that can prevent heart complications, or leg amputations caused by diabetes.

There are lots of other negative health effects that are caused by being overweight. One of the greatest ways to make sure that your elderly loved one does not get some health ailments, is to monitor their weight and keep it under control if possible. If you wish to begin making a difference in their health and yours, shedding weight is a positive choice.



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