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Seniors and Preschoolers – How Several Generations Can Interact to Make the Perfect Team

When seniors and preschoolers get together, one quickly notices the special bond that takes place in such a short time. Occasionally both will grin from ear-to-ear, and soon it’s as if they have known each other for years.

Seniors, who are in assisted living facilities and nursing homes are usually in their 70s and 80s. By then, they generally don’t have a lot of family members who live near them, or have the time to be with them. So, their caregivers have to find other activities to pass the time.

Inter-generational meetings and activities are not new. Seniors and children of all ages have met throughout the years. They have laughed, played, and hugged for generations. Young children learn just as much from the elderly as the elderly do from them. Also, it helps seniors to remember their childhood and often touches on fond memories.

Interesting Activities for Seniors and Preschoolers

Reading – The joy of reading is a gift for seniors and preschoolers. It helps seniors with their cognitive ability and it serves as a building block for preschoolers communication skills. Children at this age are still trying to decode the language. If they continue to listen to seniors speak and explain with hand movements, body motion and facial gestures, they increase their vocabulary. Preschoolers also begin to match words with pictures, which helps them later when they begin reading.

Singing – Every kid loves a song. Some preschoolers can already carry a tune, and if they are not shy, they can sing to seniors. Many seniors also love to sing. When they start singing the perfect children’s tune from television shows or a CD, you often find them both singing together. Singing is also very therapeutic for the elderly as it helps calm their nerves, lower their blood pressure, and it keeps them cheerful.

Games – It is necessary to have easy and fun games to play. Seniors who are suffering from Alzheimer’s disease or dementia can still participate and have fun if the games are not too complicated or confusing.

Arts and Crafts – Many arts and crafts are easy to make. It doesn’t require a lot of physical effort from seniors, it’s relaxing, and it helps them to concentrate and focus on the activity. It’s also fun for seniors and children.

Exercise – Seniors can participate in various levels of exercises, depending on their physical health. Preschoolers have an abundance of energy and help motivate their elderly companions to put their bodies in motion. Exercise provides good fun and health benefits for all.

Companionship – Sometimes, it’s not about participating in many activities. It’s about the human touch. It’s nice when children can hold a senior’s hands or reach out and give them a hug. This is what many seniors miss in their everyday lives. Someone who is there to tell them how special they are, or someone to put an arm around them to let them know that they care about them.

Seniors and Preschoolers – Conclusion

Seniors and preschoolers are the perfect couples. More communities are forming groups of preschoolers and other children to bring joy to the life of senior citizens. It’s a gratifying learning experience for both, and it brings joy to the hearts and faces of many seniors around the nation.



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