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Senior Hair Care – 4 Simple Ways To Enhance and Protect Your Graying and Thinning Hair

Senior hair care requires patience and persistence. Like the rest of our bodies, our hair goes through many changes during our lives.

Hair has been used to evaluate human appearance for centuries. Throughout the ages, a variety of products have been applied to give people more volume of hair, or to at least give them that appearance. However, as people age, they may find there is less hair, that it turns gray, or the texture alters in an unexpected way. Both men and women may see these changes occur as the years pass.


4 Hair Care Tips for Seniors


Here are a few tips for you to make the most of your hair, so that you can take pride in its appearance at any age.

Increasing Amounts of Gray – Graying can start as early as the late twenties. Genetics plays a significant role in the timing and extent of graying hair. Graying usually begins at the temples and sideburns, and then, it generally moves to the top and back of the head.

Many people, choose to color their hair with one of the many products that are on the market or in hair salons. However, gray hair may resist many of these products and additional measures must be taken to cover it. At some point, many people feel the colors look unnatural with their changing skin tone, and they choose to embrace the gray. If your hair does not gray in an attractive shade or pattern, talk to your stylist about products that can improve your look.

Managing Coarse Hair Texture – Many people find that their hair texture changes with the passing years. Those who have had thick, wavy hair may find that it no longer has the natural wave it once had. Thickness may change as well, because hair follicles produce less hair. Talk to your stylist about products you can use to make your hair look fuller or about styles that will help to maximize its current texture.

Dealing with Hair Loss – Male pattern baldness occurs in many men over the age of 50. This condition causes the loss of hair in a familiar pattern at the crown of the head and may also cause balding at the top of the head.

If you are a male, you might choose to accept your baldness. In that case, you should take measures and avoid sunburn to sensitive skin on the top of your head. Or, you can cover this area by using longer hair from other parts of the head.Others might prefer hair replacement as an alternative option.

Women can experience female pattern baldness at the crown of the head, as well. Your stylist can usually devise a hairstyle that helps to cover the problem area.

There are hair growth products available for men and women. These products have varying degrees of success and don’t work for everyone. Yet, you might want to give them a try.

Minimizing Sun and Water Damage – Effects of harsh sunlight and salt water are especially damaging to efforts to keep your hair looking good as you age. Chlorine in swimming pools can also cause discoloration of hair and increased brittleness and breakage.

You can reduce the damage from these elements by wearing a hat when you are out in sunny weather and by rinsing out salt and chlorine immediately after your swim. Using a hair conditioner after your shampoo will make sure that the hair remains flexible and protected, regardless of these damaging elements.


Senior Hair Care – Conclusion


Keeping your hair looking its best if you are over 50 requires a little extra care. Senior hair care can be complicated by other issues, as well. However, you can still enjoy a soft and attractive head of hair if you follow these simple tips.



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