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Senior Care – 7 Services Most Seniors Will Eventually Need


For professional senior care, you require a reliable, experienced, and dedicated service for the elderly. There are In-home services for seniors who want to remain at home, up to nursing homes for those who require 24-7 care.

When the time comes for a senior to need additional care services in their home or an assisted living community, you will have the option of hiring a senior home care agency to provide the services or finding an independent caregiver to hire directly.

If you hire professional senior care, it can help you tremendously if you cannot care for a senior loved one. Top assisted living facilities in Denver and other services across the nation are there to help take care of your elderly loved ones.


7 Services Most Seniors Will Eventually Need


New medical discoveries help us live longer each year. As we age, our bodies slowly become weaker, and often, our memories become less. Many families work longer, and no one is home to watch their parent or grandparent. It’s during these circumstances that we require outside professional assistance.

Here are just seven types of services that seniors will usually need during their lifetime:

Meal Preparation – Some seniors still live independently, but are not able to cook or get around like they once did. They often turn to food services that bring meals to them. Meals-on-Wheels and similar programs have popped up all across the U.S. They provide hot, delicious, and nutritional meals for seniors. If you need a similar service, check around in your local area.

Temporary In Home Care – Some seniors only require temporary in-home care, because of an illness or surgery. In these situations, you can hire a service that provides service at your home. Families usually ask for this when they don’t have anyone else in the family, who can take care of their loved one during their time of need.

If you do decide to hire an in-home service, you should be certain that anyone entering your home is thoroughly screened and vetted. This gives you the security and confidence that you will need for them to be in your home. The last thing you want is someone stealing from you or abusing your loved one.

Adult Day Care – Adult day care centers provide seniors temporary care. These centers help free up some extra time for family and other caregivers. It also allows them to work and still care for their loved ones each day after they finish their day jobs.

Elder Law – Elder law is a legal specialty that assists the elderly. It’s about wills, living wills, financial and estate planning, and other legal issues. Some families wait too late for this, and then there are problems with Power of Attorney, Do Not Resuscitate, and others. Seniors should get their legal papers in order while they are still healthy to avoid problems for your family.

Assisted Living – Assisted living is for seniors who require daily help with cooking, bathing and getting dressed. They may also have other needs that need to be taken care of, but find difficulty in doing it on their own. This usually happens because of some physical limitations caused by age, accident, or illness.

In assisted living facilities, such as Applewood Our House, we supplement daily activities that work the mind and body. There are also games, trips, and time for many different hobbies for residents who are interested.

Memory Care and Dementia Care – Both terminologies are used to describe services that are geared towards seniors with cognitive issues, who cannot live independently. These services are provided in assisted living and nursing homes when it becomes too difficult for family members to care for their elderly loved ones.

It’s carried out in a secure atmosphere with personalized care and attention. Activities are provided for seniors and medication is also managed.

Nursing Home Care – Nursing homes provide 24-7 medical care for seniors in need. Trained nurses are there to provide medication and to respond to emergency medical situations. Physical therapy is also used for the elderly who have injured themselves, or suffer from a debilitating illness. Patients are generally of poor health, but they don’t need hospitalization.


7 Services Most Seniors Will Eventually Need – Conclusion


Of course, there is no guarantee that you or your loved one will ever need these services. We never know how long we are going to live, or how healthy we will remain throughout our lifetime. However, it’s good to learn about these services most seniors will eventually need.




Applewood Our House has four residential assisted living homes for those with memory care needs.

Applewood Our House has a Better Business Bureau A+ Rating.

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