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Predicting a Person’s Risk for Dementia – Is Dementia Risk Falling

Is Dementia risk falling?


A new computer-based test might be able to predict a person’s risk for dementia, just by analyzing the information family doctors gather during routine visits, a new study from Britain suggests.

Researchers from University College London have developed an algorithm that uses medical data to predict a five-year risk of dementia, according to a report Jan. 21 in the journal BioMed Central. Read more…

Source: HealthDay News


Is Dementia Risk Falling? – Scientific American


Amid gloomy reports of an impending epidemic of Alzheimer’s and other dementias, emerging research offers a promising twist. Recent studies in North America, the U.K. and Europe suggest that dementia risk among seniors in some high-income countries has dropped steadily over the past 25 years. If the trend is driven by midlife factors such as building “brain reserve” and maintaining heart health, as some experts suspect, this could lend credence to staying mentally engaged and taking cholesterol-lowering drugs as preventive measures.

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Lower your dementia risk – Fit Minds Expert Interview with Dr. Paul Nussbaum

Watch the interview with Dr. Paul Nussbaum on how to lower your dementia risk as you age.


There are many factors that can cause dementia. However, if there are any ways to reduce the onset of dementia, it’s best to follow them. Many illnesses can be prevented by trying to live more of a healthy and active lifestyle.

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