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Osteoporosis Strength Training for Men – Seniors Benefit from Weights


Benefits of strength training for osteoporosisOsteoporosis strength training is not just for men, but in today’s society, the media places more emphasis on women developing this bone disease

Television commercials blare out the risks of osteoporosis, doctors schedule bone density tests, and nutritionists stress the importance of getting sufficient calcium in the diet. These ads seem to overlook one problem. Companies gear their commercials, tests, and nutritional promotions towards women. Men also suffer from osteoporosis, but many are not aware of the risks and what they can do to minimize them.

Osteoporosis Facts


Facts about OsteoporosisMedical research suggests that as many as 16 million men suffer from low bone mass, and almost two million have osteoporosis. Some of the medical issues associated with the disease including rapid height loss, chronic pain, and fractures of the hips, wrists, and vertebrae. Osteoporosis is responsible for as many as one in four men over the age of 50 to break a bone. Also, 80,000 adult males break a hip each year. The death rate following a broken hip is greater among men

A study was conducted involving 40 middle aged men and low bone mass. The participants followed a yearlong exercise program consisting of either targeted weight lifting or jumping workouts. The program results indicated all of the men experienced significant increases in bone mass of the entire body and lumbar, but those with improvement in hip bone density were found only in the weight lifting group.



Benefits of Strength Training for Osteoporosis


In addition to helping reverse bone damage already done, osteoporosis exercise for men, including strength training contributes to the overall health of the individual by improving sleep and reducing the risk of some diseases, such as heart disease, stroke, cancer, and type 2 diabetes. Exercise and has a positive effect on a person’s outlook and mood. Strength training promotes the production of growth factors, which can help prevent dementia.


Osteoporosis Strength Training for Men – Conclusion


All middle-aged men should have medical tests run for osteoporosis. Don’t hesitate to ask for a screening if the doctor doesn’t mention it. Osteoporosis strength training for men can make a difference. Start a weight-training program and reduce your chances of developing this debilitating disease.

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