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The Connection Between Acidity, Aging and Disease


Acidity, aging, and disease often go hand-in-hand. Once the body is out of balance and too acidic, there are often medical issues that follow.

Many people are not aware of exactly how closely linked our aging process is with the diseases that we acquire. Not only do these illnesses cause us to age as a result of breaking down our body but they also happen because of the same general problems. Even if you try to maintain a healthy lifestyle and make sure that you eat a balanced diet and get some exercise, you still will experience some collapse of the system at some point or another.


Acidity, Aging, and Disease – How to Stop the Decline


Is there a way to stop this decline and perhaps even reverse some of the damage caused by diseases?

There is an old saying that you are what you eat and you may not realize exactly how true this particular statement is. As we put nutrients into our body in the form of foods, those nutrients are broken down and the nutrients the food contains is used to help us to grow and to maintain our body. After the food is broken down, some byproducts are left over.

Some of these byproducts are removed from the form of waste, but some of them remain in the body as toxins. It is these toxins that do the damage that we see as aging and disease.

Some foods that we eat and certain types of drinks that we consume will leave more toxins in our system that will bring us into an acidic state. A multitude of diseases that include everything from arthritis to cancer thrives in an acidic environment. As a matter of fact, when we die our body is in an entirely acidic environment, which should be a major red flag to all of us.


Acidity, Aging, and Disease – Conclusion


As long as your diet contains the foods and drinks that are necessary to keep you in an alkaline state, these diseases will not be able to get a foothold in your system. Imagine being able to live a life that is free from disease, only because you take a little bit of time to make sure that you are eating the right foods. It’s a small price for us to pay to enjoy radiant health. So, continue to get plenty of rest and exercise but keep your eye on the alkaline state of your body and you will be keeping your eye on your health.





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