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Checklist for Seniors – How to Find a Good Lawyer to Represent You

Question I’ve never really trusted lawyers – I feel like many of them are just out for money. How do I know who I can trust?

Most people ask where to find a lawyer when they really need one. The best way on how to find a good lawyer to represent you is to take your time, and do some careful research.

Luckily, in the United States, all lawyers need to have law degrees, pass a bar exam, and obtain licenses from the states that they wish to practice. However, a license doesn’t mean that a lawyer is good, or highly qualified to take on your case.


5 Checklist Tips on How to Find a Good Lawyer to Represent You


Below is a good checklist on how to find a good lawyer to represent you. There are thousands of attorneys and law firms to choose from. Follow these tips to help you narrow your search for a good lawyer:

Is Your Case Complicated? – Lawyers, who are just out of law school, do not have the practical experience of seasoned attorneys. This experience only comes from on-the-job training and actual court cases. If you have a complicated case, it’s better to find a lawyer with a proven record.

This doesn’t mean that a new attorney might not be good. However, would a law firm hand a complicated case over to one of their new attorneys, or would they give it to one of their more experienced lawyers?

Does Your Lawyer Have Malpractice Insurance? – You might want to find a lawyer with malpractice insurance. Lawyers are not perfect. If your lawyer has malpractice insurance, you are covered against financial losses in case they commit an error while representing you. This would be applicable in a case that you lost and were counter sued.

Are They ABA Approved?The American Bar Association provides a lawyer referral service. This quickly gives you a list of attorneys in your area that have the ABA’s recommendation. Just click on your state, and narrow the search from there.

Another highly recommended site is Legal Match. They help match you up with the type of lawyer you need. You can even present your case for free. If a lawyer responds, tells you about the lawyer’s fees, and gives you their rating.

Ask for Referrals – You are likely to know other people that have had good and bad experiences with lawyers. Ask them if they know any qualified lawyers to help you with your case. Even if their lawyers don’t practice in the same field of law as your case requires, they will probably be able to point you in the direction of someone, who does.

Has a Lawyer Been Disbarred? – Most states in the U.S. have searches for law firms and lawyers by name. Run a search on Google for disbarred lawyers in your state.

Follow Your Gut Feeling – As you mentioned, it is all about trust on how to find a good lawyer to represent you. If you don’t have a good feeling about a lawyer or law firm, continue to look around. Law firms are in the business of helping people, but they are also in a highly competitive field that is about making money, too.

You will need to determine if your lawyers are more interested in you, or, are they just out to make a fast buck?


Checklist for How to Find a Good Lawyer to Represent You – Conclusion


These are some of the top tips on how to find a lawyer to represent you. You should do your research well, because the results of legal matters can affect your life. Find a lawyer today, who can help you with your personal legal needs.



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