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Certified Senior Advisors in Denver – Making Life Easier for Seniors

Certified Senior Advisors in Denver are professionals who have experience and education in the aging process, and understand the health, economic, and public concerns that impact the majority of seniors in the Denver area and across the United States.

The average life expectancy in the United States is almost 78 years old. A generation ago, it was hard to imagine that seniors could expect to live this long. Now, seniors are not only living much longer, they are also staying healthier, and are more active in business, and many other day-to-day functions.

For this reason, Certified Senior Advisors are in high demand to guide the elderly in finances, physical fitness and health, legal decisions, and other long-term care. Certified Senior Advisors help seniors and their families to reduce anxieties by utilizing their expertise for solving problems.

Why Should I Use a Certified Senior Advisor?

There are CSA’s in every industry that helps serve the needs of seniors.  Whether you need help with putting together an estate plan or finding a new housing solution, there is a Certified Senior Advisors to assist you.

Some examples of where they may be helpful:

Legal – There are many lawyers who are CSA’s, who specialize in legal matters for seniors. Whenever you need legal advice, always choose a registered lawyer.

Moving – It’s possible for a certified senior advisor to help you get situated into your new residence. They could help you with everything from the paperwork, to contracting the movers.Insurance

Needs – There are certified senior advisors, who specialize in insurance. They might be able to help you find extra coverage, or pay lower premiums for your existing insurance.

Fraud Protection – Unfortunately we live in a world where there are people out there who try and scam seniors out of their hard earned cash. There are certified senior advisors, who keep up with latest fraud prevention and can help victims of senior fraud recover.

How Can You Find Qualified Certified Senior Advisors?

It’s the Society of Certified Senior Advisors goal to provide information about professionals, who understand the specific issues that are facing seniors. This includes financial, social, health, and others.

Most people who are CSA certified also use the title next to their name (remember, individual people can become certified as CSA, not organizations themselves).

Although it cannot personally vouch for each certified senior advisor in their listings, the SCSA does assure that each advisor listed has submitted their official certified senior advisor certification and documentation. Also, each member takes an oath to follow the CSA Code of Responsibility.

In addition, Applewood Our House works directly with certified senior advisors and can recommend you a professional who can help you. Whether you need a senior living facility, assisted living and memory care, nursing home, or even home care, we are always available to assist you in the Denver area.

The CSA locator, can help you find certified members throughout the United States. You only need to include the city, state, and zip code. Then, you can choose the type of service that you most need assistance with.

Certified Senior Advisors Denver – Conclusion

If you are thinking about hiring a Certified Senior Advisor, get them to help you with one task where you need assistance. If they do a good job, you can hire them again when you need them. Just like anyone else that you hire, it is still important to take the time to do your research, get references, and get a family member or close friend to assist you in your search. If you are a business owner who serves the needs of seniors, we highly recommend contacting the SCSA to find out about the benefits of becoming a CSA.



Applewood Our House has four residential assisted living homes for those with memory care needs.

Applewood Our House has a Better Business Bureau A+ Rating.

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