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How to Ease the Transition into an Alzheimer’s Home

When you are helping your loved one ease the transition into an Alzheimer’s home, It is necessary make it as relaxing as possible. This helps your elderly loved one better prepare for a new environment. It will also help you with the difficult task of organizing the

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Benefits of Children for Alzheimer’s Patients

Benefits of Children for Alzheimer’s Patients

  The benefits of children for Alzheimer’s patients are often overlooked by families caring for a loved one with the illness. Some families tend to shelter their children from an elderly grandfather or grandmother. They feel that children shouldn’t be forced to see the decline of an

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Caregiver Stress When Dealing with Alzheimer’s Patients – Learn the Symptoms and What You Can Do to Relieve It

Caregiver Stress When Dealing with Alzheimer’s Patients – Learn the Symptoms and What You Can Do to Relieve It

    When talking about caregiver stress when dealing with Alzheimer’s patients, we must first understand what stress is, and what causes it. Stress is probably best described as physical and emotional pressure that we feel in our daily lives. Everyone responds to stress in different ways.

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Alzheimer’s Care in Lakewood, Colorado – What to Look for in a Memory Care Home

    Alzheimer’s care in Lakewood, Colorado is now available at Applewood Our House. When an elderly loved one needs long-term care, it is usually up to their immediate family to provide answers and solutions. Generally speaking, it is usually a decision that is long lasting and

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The Risk of Cold Temperatures on Alzheimer’s Patients

Coloradans are accustomed to winter conditions, but most are unaware of the risk of cold temperatures on Alzheimer’s patients. Each year, senior citizens with the disease are affected by cold temperatures. Some develop cold related illnesses; some get frostbite, and in extreme conditions, some seniors die. By

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Dr. Newport’s Work with Coconut Oil 5 parts

  Here is Dr. Newport’s work with coconut oil. His effective work on memory loss and Alzheimer’s with coconut oil- Part I  

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Changes That Occur in People with Alzheimer’s and Dementia

  There are some changes that occur in people with Alzheimer’s and Dementia that seniors need to be aware of. Both of these conditions are progressive and; therefore, the changes in one’s normal behavior are quite evident in the progression of the condition. It is important to

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Alzheimer’s Homes in Golden, Colorado – Your Loved One Deserves the Best Care Facility

  An Alzheimer’s home in Golden, Colorado might be a good alternative option when you have a family member who is suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. A good home living facility can address your loved one’s physical, emotional, mental, and social necessities in a controlled environment that continues

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How Do You Talk to Your Child about Alzheimer’s

Many adults would like to know how do you talk to your child about Alzheimer’s? At any age, children can sense discord and stress in their environment, so it’s important to address any concerns before kids make erroneous assumptions. The conversation will differ depending on the child’s

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