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Senior Health – Is Alzheimer's More Aggressive in Men?

  Is Alzheimer’s more aggressive in men? Yes, it is, and it’s also one of the disturbing facts of the disease. It’s hard to imagine a loving elderly couple who have been through thick and thin together, but is slowly ripped apart by the symptoms of Alzheimer’s

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5 Foods That Fight Fatigue – Energy Packing Nutrients to Keep You Alert

There are numerous foods that fight fatigue. In many cases, eating the proper foods can mean the difference between feeling tired the entire day or staying alert. Senior citizens are usually fatigued because of chronic illness, inadequate nutrition, medications, and the stress that comes from getting older.

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5 Reasons of Mood Swings – What Every Family Member Should Know

  The reasons of mood swings are many. The brain is usually affected from trauma, substance abuse, or deterioration of cognitive ability. Similar symptoms can also be caused by lung disease, or it can be the sign of an imminent stroke. When the elderly are affected, the

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Our Wonderful John Sexton and Family

  John’s Girls, I wanted to take a moment and tell you all, thank you for your kind words that poured in after John’s passing. During this journey, I was very fortunate to come across your family who truly loved their husband and father as strong and

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What to Do When Elderly Parents Must Live Separately

What to Do When Parents Must Live Separately – 6 Tips to Help Them Cope   When parents must live separately, it creates a strain on an entire family. That’s the same for young parents, and more so for senior citizens. Elderly couples are usually separated illnesses,

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How Respect and Dignity Can Improve Your Care

  In recent years, the need for elderly home care has skyrocketed. Family caregivers are very remarkable people, who accept the role of caring for a family member by taking care of them in their family’s home, or by visiting their senior loved one in their home.

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How Do You Meet the Social Needs and Interests of the Residents?

How Do You Meet the Social Needs and Interests of the Residents?   In an assisted living facility, it is necessary to meet the social needs and interest of the residents. However, the same applies when you are caring for your loved one at home. Your goal

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Senior Living – How to Decide Which Home is the Best Place for Elderly Family Members

Senior Living – How to Decide Which Home is the Best Place for Elderly Family Members   Question: How Do I Decide Which Home is the Best Fit for My Family Member? Answer: When trying to decide which home is the best fit for an elderly family

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Caring for the Elderly – What Can You Do When Care Needs Increase for Senior Family Members

  Question: What do we do when the care needs of our family member increases? Answer: Caring for the elderly is an essential part of family life for most people. When you were young, your parents cared for you, and when you got older, you knew that

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Brain Experts’ 6 Best Memory Tricks

Numerous studies have shown that mind tricks can improve memory and stimulate cognitive abilities in the elderly. When people get out of physical shape, they exercise to strengthen their muscles. If seniors exercise their brain, it can get mentally stronger, as well. 6 Best Memory Tricks to

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