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Senior Health – Changing the Face of Alzheimer's Disease

Before we think about changing the face of Alzheimer’s disease, there needs to be a national awareness of how prevalent and deadly it has become. According to the U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services, 1 out of eight seniors will have some type of dementia by

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Are You Worried About a Loved One Living Alone?

  It would be hard to find anyone who would not be worried about a loved one living alone. We are always thinking safety first when it comes to our parents or grandparents. It’s always better to be on the safe side. Yet, when it comes time

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Seniors and Dementia – 5 Signs of Alzheimer's That Sometimes Show up Before Memory Loss

  By the time most senior citizens start showing signs of Alzheimer’s disease, it has moved to a stage where there is irreversible damage. That is why it is important to know the signs of Alzheimer’s that sometimes show up before memory loss, because the sooner it

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Senior Health – 8 Common Habits That Are Harming Your Skin

  There could be a lot of common habits that are harming your skin every day, but you just don’t realize it. The skin is the largest organ in your body. Daily wear-and-tear affects how it looks and feels. 8 Common Habits That Are Harming Your Skin

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Caring for Your Parents When They are Older – The Difficulties of Long Distance Caregiving

  Are you faced with long distance caregiving? It can become very challenging and presents possibilities for more problems than in home care. However, in today’s world, it’s not always possible for children to be close to their parents when they get older, because of their job,

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Applewood Our House Residents enjoy an Outing at the Circus

[youtube_sc url=”” title=”Wonderful%20outing%20with%20our%20Alzheimers%20and%20memory%20care%20residents%20to%20the%20circus…”] Our Second annual trip to the circus in Wheat Ridge.  The circus brings life to the memories of our residents.

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Respite Care – Why It is the Best Option for Many Families

  Respite care offers temporary relief to family caregivers who are caring for elderly loved ones. It allows caregivers to have a little extra time for themselves. This can free up some time to take care of other pending business. For most family caregivers, life becomes an

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3 Surefire Ways of Dealing with Denial in Senior Citizens

There might come a time where dealing with denial in a senior citizen is inevitable. Handling the elderly requires lots of patience and finesse. Denial can quickly cause a strain in relationships. It reduces the quality of life of those affected and it prevents some seniors from

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The Many Roles of a Caregiver – The Responsibilities and Tasks of Family Care Giving

  According to a 2004 report by the NAC, the National Association for Caring, approximately 21% of U.S. households are affected by the responsibilities of caregiving. That means that nearly one out of every four families is taking care of a loved one. So, what are some

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Music Therapy for Seniors with Alzheimer’s – Donate if you can to our cause for the Elders

Music therapy for seniors with Alzheimer’s is possible with a device such as an iPad. Hi, we are working on helping all of our residents have a personal playlist on an iPod with their favorite music to listen to. I sent out an email last night with

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Applewood Our House has four residential assisted living homes for those with memory care needs.

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