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Assisted Living Facilities in Denver – Promoting a Healthy and Active Lifestyle


Denver’s a big, vibrant city. The Colorado capitol has so much to do, yet its inhabitants have so little time, that even the most active among us couldn’t squeeze in all we’d love to do into a single day.

Many assisted living facilities in Denver are faced with the general task of keeping those seniors, who are savoring their golden years, healthy, active and fit.

A British medical journal findings discovered that seniors who are 75 and older, and who maintain the highest mental, physical and social activity overall, are the most likely to make it to 100. A total of 1,810 adults in that age range were tracked over an 18-year span, with 92 percent passing away before the study’s conclusion. The ones who lived the longest got their blood flowing through physical activities, such as walking, swimming and gymnastics.

However, in addition to physical exercise, those seniors who kept their brains active, also lived longer. The smartest of seniors dabbled in puzzles, read voraciously, and kept flexing their mental muscle. Just as importantly, and a hallmark of any assisted living facility in Denver or anywhere else in America, the elderly socialized with each other.

Women outlived men throughout the study. Women who remained more active overall, lived an average of five years longer than non active women. Active men outlived less active men by an average of six years. Lower risk profile patients with chronic conditions also lived five years longer than high risk patients.





Assisted Living Facilities in Denver – Applewood Our House


Applewood Our House encourages its residents to remember the good ole days, and encourages them to create new memories through daily life at our homes. These are some of the reason we feel we offer some of the best assisted living Denver facilities. We are designed to treat our elderly residents with the highest dignity. We remind them every day that they are truly golden treasures.

If you would like to know more about Denver assisted living, call (303) 956-9037 or have a look at our assisted living and memory care facilities in the Denver area.




Applewood Our House has four residential assisted living homes for those with memory care needs.

Applewood Our House has a Better Business Bureau A+ Rating.

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