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Art Therapy for Dementia is a Winner


Art therapy for dementia is becoming more popular at assisted living facilities and for home caregivers.


Family members often worry when their loved ones with dementia become less talkative. After all, if you have lived with someone your entire life, you are used to the sound of his or her voice. Maybe your loved one used to be a prankster, or the one people turned to when they needed to resolve a dispute.


One of the problems with Alzheimer’s and other types of dementia is that they are diseases that rob people of their memories. While taking away their memories, these conditions also deny us the joy of communicating with those who were once so close to us.


An Artist’s Brush Stroke Can Show Cognitive Decline



Alex Forsythe, a psychologist from Liverpool University analyzed the brushstrokes of many famous artists (fractal analysis). He discovered that those who later developed some forms of dementia, began showing neurological changes in the way they painted, more than 20 years before they had any diagnosis.


“In artists who went on to develop dementia or Parkinson’s disease, the fractal patterns started to change in an unusual way.” Read more...

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Memory Care That Uses Art and Music for Communication


Art can help with dementia


Just like listening to music, art is becoming a favorite activity for many residents who are living in assisted living facilities. When those with dementia listen to music, it helps alleviate stress and it allows seniors to recall various times of their lives.


Brant Kingman is a Minneapolis artist who began using art with his mother to help fill the void of her lack of memory and reduced language skill.


“In interactions with people, which are so often word-based, it can go quickly to frustration,” Kingman said. “Art sort of gives you a bridge to get beyond that.” Read more…

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