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Activities for Seniors – Practice the Ancient Chinese Art of Tai Chi

Another one of the excellent, but seldom practiced activities for seniors is Tai Chi. Tai chi for seniors is a combination of slow moving healthy exercises that invigorate and relax the body at the same time. Tai chi is known to help lower blood pressure.

One of the marvels of tai chi is that it can be practiced at any age. Children as well as seniors can improve their balance, posture, and overall fitness and health by practicing tai chi. Tai Chi Chuan, (also known as tai chi) which means “Supreme Ultimate Force,” is based on the concept of yin and yang.

In the Chinese philosophy, all things exist with two parts, a positive and a negative. This could also be male and female, hot and cold, soft and hard, or dark and light, etc. Today it is practiced in many parts of the United States, too.

Tai chi started in China over 2000 years ago. It originated as a form of self defense. The breathing and moving exercises of tai chi build strength and flexibility, and help calm the nerves and body.

According to a Mayo Clinic study, tai chi movements are great for seniors to reduce stress and stay healthy. And every morning in parks across China, you can find millions of people practicing tai chi, and many of them are seniors. The movements are combined into sets, or forms, which connect the movements together. Most of the movements are based on martial arts blocks and strikes, and many imitate those movements of birds and animals.


Activities for Seniors – Benefits of Seniors Practicing Tai Chi


There are many reasons why tai chi is one of the best physical activities for seniors. Here are just a few reasons:

Balance – Tai chi for seniors helps seniors with their balance, which is great for the elderly. Also, the fact that it helps seniors with their balance, it better protects them from losing their balance and falling. As we all know, falls can be dangerous and even life threatening for senior citizens.

Socialize – Believe it or not, one of the big benefits for seniors in China, who practice tai chi, is that they are able to get out and socialize and make new friends. This is not something that you can easily do sitting around and watching TV all day in your room.

Fresh Air and Nature – If you are fortunate enough to be able to practice tai chi outdoors, you are getting some fresh air and sunshine.  Those are two elements that your body desperately needs. In addition, you get a chance to watch and hear the birds singing and other parts of nature.

Non-Strenuous – Tai chi is a great for seniors, because it doesn’t place much stress on muscles or bones, and it is slow moving. This is not to say that it makes the movements less beneficial, it only means that it is much easier for seniors to perform.

Lowers Blood Pressure – The calming effect of tai chi reduces stress, and therefore can help lower your blood pressure. Call it a natural blood pressure medication!

No Equipment – You don’t need to buy a bunch of extra equipment to practice tai chi, you only need some loose fitting clothes and comfortable shoes and you are ready to go. Later, if you want to buy specific tai chi shoes, you can, but they are not required to begin.  You only need an experienced teacher to help you with the movements. Later, you can practice at home if you wish.

Activities for Seniors Practice the Ancient Chinese Art of Tai Chi – Conclusion

If you wish to try these activities for seniors, check for local tai chi for seniors clubs in your area. They are usually organized by your local recreation department or public schools. Seniors need to continue exercising as they get older. The more they move,

Check below for a special chair version of tai chi that is excellent for seniors with limited mobility.



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